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With all the happenings in FB for posting a certain video of one of the person I know, a lot of things happened that my senpai withhold me from updating our page especially since Jhonny-san is on the move again.

And to think that Arashi is bringing a storm of activities in the past few days for the fans making me feel so frustrated.
I wanted to be able to share the updates and celebrate with a lot of fans but I can't.

Still, I wish for things to calm down and for me to be able to update soon.
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 i really need to create my own design of layout for my DW or else I'll just end up with my undecided layout. 
And I don't think that would be good enough hehe :D 

I haven't posted anything to LJ for quite sometime and I think that it's quite disappointing but I really need to first prioritize DW to be able to familiar with myself. 

I'm getting the hang of how posting and adding friends goes but beyond that i'm still a complete beginner but it's fun! :D 

Hope to discover new each day :D 


Apr. 14th, 2017 05:27 pm
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 I am still inexperienced and a bit rattled as to how things work here but I'll do my very best to learn everything :D 
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With the rumors of Sho-chan's lover/soon to be marriage has totally shaken the fandom. Some had accepted it and was happy for him while some was in denial but still wishes for him to be and there also others who has hated him for it. And that how fandom works.

Marriage has always been an unavoidable circumstances when it comes to the boys after all they're not growing any younger. There will be times in which they would want to settle down with someone and create a family that they would love and cherish which is why for us fans that is something that we must accept.

To be honest, it's quite amusing to read each and everyone's comments about Sho-chan's rumor for this is how I can truly tell how much fans care and love him.

But I can never deny the fact that there still those fans who can't understand the boys feelings of wanting to be happy with someone they treasure and that hurts a lot.

Especially when I saw this picture on twitter :(. I don't know who said it or whose the person that he/she is talking about but by knowing that there are people who can actually say such a thing is truly saddening

It's true that we are the reason why Arashi is popular and it's also true that we are the reason why all of their albums, singles, concert, bangumis, dramas/movies and also their other projects became a success but I would also want to remind those who can't see the fact that without their hardwork, they would never have us.

if they have us just because they are pretty boys with pretty voices then I'll gladly say that that's not the reason why I would want to be their fan.

Minna, I want you to remember that they themselves was well aware that back then, they were supposed to be gone due to the fact that everything wasn't going all too well for them and yet they managed it all because we had seen how much hardwork they did in order to give us an entertainment that we'll surely love. Songs that would convey they're love for their fans, Fantastic concerts that would make us feel how close we are to them.

All of those were their works while thinking of us and to say/act as if we own them is beyond unthinkable. They are not slaves that would forever work for us in order to make us smile but a person who only wants to repay us through their hardwork. And for that, all a fan could ever wish for his/her Idol is to see his/her achievement until the end.

And if getting married is one of his/her achievement then let's smile and accept it. Because in the end, their lives was not something that we can hold forever.
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The view of the sky with the colorful hue of the sunrise create's majestic view and warm atmosphere.
Being able to take such an amazing scenery is truly a lucky chance for me. With the sea's resounding soft sound of the sea and the silent yet homey feel of the surrounding area just made my sleepless night all worth it.

I wasn't really much of a morning person but seeing it? nah! i just have to trade my sleep for it. It's been a while since I've been near the sea making me miss my hometown so much.

I still can't help but fall for the sea's serenity.

I do hope that I can spend a lot more time with it the next time I'm able to get a chance to get a vacation.

First Time

Feb. 14th, 2017 06:43 pm
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I've never really tried exploring Dreamwidth although I must say that it's not really that far from Livejournal only a little bit complicated but still it's fun to explore it. 

I might be able to stay in dreamwidth a few more days trying to post my fanfiction here :) 

I also need to stay active since I want to find more communities and people who love Arashi ^_^. 


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I'm working in the office late at night when I got a call from an unknown number, curious as to who it was, I picked it up only to hear his cheerful voice saying "Working late again?"

Shocked by what he said, I looked around the office to find out that I was alone as if he knew what I did, I heard him chuckle before saying "I'm not inside your office but I'm waiting for you outside" and the call was cut off before I could say anything.

Knowing that he was outside, I turned of my pc, grab my stuff and hurriedly went out of the office.

And just like what he said, he was really there. Looking outside with his hands tucked in his pocket wearing a black coat and white collared shirt, leaning in one of the pillars of the building.

As if sensing my presence, he looked my way, only making his posture to look cool with the night lights. A smile formed in my lips seeing him and so did he.

I walk to where he is as he observe me with those gentle eyes of his. When I was near enough for him, he stretched his arm for me to grab his hand, which i did, and pulled me closer sealing my lips with his.

It was a gentle kiss at first then slowly his kisses became rough stopping when our breaths couldn't keep up anymore.

I knew that by then my face was flushed but he only chuckled before the words ‘otsukaresama’ left his lips.

"Arigatou" I said and peck him in the lips.

His boyish smile came into view adding to his cool feature, distracting me yet again from the question that I wanted to ask but I got hold of myself and didn't gave in and said "You're not supposed to be here”

Instead of being offended, my question seems to amuse him even though he knew the danger of him being seen with me.

Letting go of my hand, he massaged his neck in an awkward manner before looking me in the eyes saying "I've missed you"

And that melt my heart, chuckling at how cute he was, I also told him that I’ve missed him.

He grab hold of my hand once again, leading me to the elevator. Inside, the two of us talked about each other's work until we reached the parking lot outside.

I learned that his clothes was from the photoshoot that he did but he never mentioned the name of the magazine where it would be used, I also learned that his schedule was quite hectic with all his projects, bangumis and even the concert tour.

And to know that above that schedule, he still took the time to visit me made me fall for him some more.

Upon arriving in the parking lot, Sho's black car was parked near a big tree. And with him being him, he rushed to the passenger side and opened the door for me. Before getting in, I thank him and sat comfortably at the seat. He gently closed it and went to the other side to enter the driver's seat.

He fastened his seatbelt and when he noticed that I was about to do mine, he reached for it making his figure too close for comfort. Seeing this, he slyly smiled and peck me in the lips before fastening my seatbelt.

Of course, the peck in the lips wasn't enough for me making me mutter "What a tease" which he, unfortunately, heard and chuckled before saying "If you keep pouting and say that again, I might not be able to control myself" Giving me a wink after. And the effect of it was instant as I started to blush.

"Lexi" he called my name in a warning tone "I wasn't pouting" I defended which he chuckled "You weren’t, but you're making a cute face" a boyish grin was plastered on his mouth.

"Hey! Stop teasing me!" The car stop when the traffic light turned red "Gomen, gomen. I can't help it" He reach for my hand and gave it a peck before turning his head towards the front to drive again.

"Where are we going?" I asked him, curious as to what he had in mind. "Hmm.. I'm not really sure since you don't like fancy restaurants --"

"That's because I don't want you to think i like you due to your money" I cut him off to defend myself, he only smiled at that and continued what he was saying before "and I don't want to go to my parents house right now and also I don’t want to take you home yet”

"Hmm.. Dõshiyo?" I asked him "Dōshiyo!" He playfully asked, making me laugh with him. Having his schedule full makes me worried for him but to see him enjoying and laughing so freely like this makes me love him more and more.

"Then where--" my question was stop when he squeezed my hand and softly spoke "Will my apartment be fine?"

It touch my heart as how cautiously he said those words, it was as if he doesn't want to force me if i didn't want to and just like what I thought he suddenly starts to explain himself.

"Its fine if you don't want to, I can just take you home if you want or we can roam around somewhere or maybe --" I can't help but laugh, cutting him off and said "With you explaining yourself like that, it sounded as if your rapping" and I continued to laugh which he soon joined in.

Once our laughter died down, he kissed my hand and said "Sorry, I was just nervous"

Chuckling, I said "I'm aware but i'm fine with it"

"Fine with me being nervous? Are you a masochist?" He teased "Hey! Not that!" And we laugh once again.

In between our laugh, he suddenly stop and look my way for a sec before turning his attention on the road. "You serious?" he asked in surprised, "Yes, I'm fine with it. After all, I haven't gone to your apartment, it makes one wonder how a national idol lives right?" His smile widen but chuckled when he heard the last part.

"You know that it's only a title" he said "I'm aware but it's a title you worked hard for, you should be proud of it" I told him and this time, I was the one who squeezed his hand.

The car turned right and we spent our time teasing one another especially him since he's busy schedule allowed him to be on tv a lot more which means I got to see a lot of his side.

Once we reached his apartment, I was astonished. It wasn't an apartment but a house, a simple one at that and since it was night. I can't really see much of the exterior and color but I bet it's white.

He parked the car on its parking space and open his door immediately to get to my side and open mine. Still a gentleman as ever.

He lead me to the main door but before he could open it, He faced me and rub his neck, in a nervous way "Could you wait for a bit?"

Wanting to tease him I said no and that response made him more awkward like a little boy who doesn’t know what he has to do, I chuckled and told him that I was only joking. He smiled and thank me before giving me a short gentle kiss.

"I just need a few seconds" He said once the kiss was broken. "You do know that I’m fine with any porn mags right?” I told him earning a playful glare. "I don't have one" he said "Liar! but let's leave it at that and do your cleaning or whatever" I shooed him.

He laughed and said "I don't have one" and entered his apartment.

Like an obedient child, I waited for him and check my phone for messages only to see some reminders about tomorrow's agenda.

I kept clicking my phone when it was snatched by Sho.  "Stop working" he frowned. "I'm not, I was just checking for messages" I told him but he was not convinced. Smiling, I gave him a peck in the cheek and promised not to check my phone again making him smile.

"You’re in high tension, did you hide your porn mag successfully?" His smile turned into a frown but instead of letting him defend himself, I immediately grab his hand telling him to lead me in the apartment

He didn't complain and just led me inside.

Upon entering his apartment, I was in awe at how spacious it was, enough to be called as a bachelor pad.

But before I could close the door, he faced me and grin "Close your eyes". Surprised by what he said I can't help but be worried, raising one eyebrow in question I said "You do know that this is my first time here" but instead of saying anything, his grin grew wider "I might trip over, you know"

“You won't, I’ll lead you" he assured.

"You do know that you're not the leading type right?" I said in a playful tone earning a cute pout from him “but really, you sure about leading me?” I asked once more, a little worried and when he realize what I meant he suddenly blushed and awkwardly step forward towards me, reach my hand and held it between his. "I won't do anything that may acquire your hatred" he guides my hand towards his right cheek for me to hold while holding my gaze to his. His gentle eyes only showed love towards me and nothing more "I care for you a lot do that"

At that moment, I was assured by how much he really thought of me. Shortening the distance between as, I held his face in between my hands and leaned my forehead to his "Thank you" I whispered and we shared a small kiss between the two of us.

He smiled in between our kiss and stopped himself, switching his aura of that a child wanting to show something. Chuckling, I did what he asked and closed my eyes.

I could feel him move to close the door before one of his arm wrapped my waist, guiding me to move forward.

Slowly, he gave instructions which I followed along with some playful remarks as to how stiff I was moving and the like.

Until I could feel the rag on my feet, he lead my hand to feel the couch telling me to be careful as he guide me to the other one, letting me sit comfortably.

Even without me seeing him, this little gestures of his melts my heart for he truly did made sure that I won’t trip or knock myself from anything.

"You can open your eyes now" Slowly I did open my eyes, his broad grin was the first one I saw before looking around.

Black and white are the main theme of the house even though there are different colors such as brown or cream but you'll instantly know that a bachelor is living it.

It was neat but not tidy enough which goes to show that he's not the type to be called as clean freak but has the decency to tidy up.

But the one that drew my breath was the surprisingly prepared dinner right in front of my eyes.

We were in the living room but at the top of the center table are dishes that was well made, a champaign and also a cake.

And out of nowhere, he suddenly gave me a bouquet of white and red rose and to add more to the wonderful surprise, at the middle of the bouquet is one blue rose.

“How did you?...” I kept glancing at him and the blue rose “This might have been hard to find”

He didn’t said a word and only smiled at me, loving my reaction “I can’t believe you got one.. I mean” I kept blabbering, unable to form the right sentence to express how grateful I was.

Finally deciding that I can’t put it into words, I laid the flower on my right side and hug him. He hug me tight and only loosened his hold when I faced him and kiss him full in the lips.

The kiss was slow, gentle and tender like a glass that you don’t want to shatter. Slowly, it turned faster, needer and now we’re fighting for dominance.

The strength in my body slowly left me as he gently lay me down the couch. The kiss only intensifies. My arms snake around his neck, hands on his hair, messing its style. While he caged me in between his hands.

With the lack of oxygen, we broke apart from the hot kiss. He distance himself for a little to give me space to breathe.

He watch me with his gentle eyes as he scan my messy state that he had created due to what happened.

Satisfied by what he saw, he smirk and kiss me on the forehead before getting up from his position. I watched him with glazed eyes, wondering why he stopped when he answered my thoughts in advance.

“I want this night to be special and for me to suddenly attacked you doesn’t sound right although I would love to continue”



Forgive me for the wrong grammar and also for cutting it short :)

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Today is the most joyous day for both the person whom I hold so Dearly! :D

Otanjoubi Omedetou to [livejournal.com profile] matsupie and to Sakurai Sho :)

For Oka-chan! Thank you so much for being born in this world and although I had only known you for a few months and had been a part of your life for a few months. I am still thankful for it because without you, I would never know our FB group, Yama Kaze Exclusive and woulnd't have found the people whom I can get along with and share my love with my itchiban :D

That is why,  I do hope that you'll spend your day full of smiles and fun :)

And for Sakurai Sho, Thank you so much for being my inspiration (and sometimes obsession) truly, you had given me a lot of wisdom from all of your qoutes and songs, thank you for being my strength when I feel like giving up and thank you so so much for being you and also for being born and joining JE and most importantly thank you so much for being a member of Arashi. Not only have you given your fans the happiness to like you but also the inspiration and entertainment like no other. As for your news casting, thank you so much for being the serious type of person you are for taking your job seriously in order for us to be informed. Truly you had grown to be such a fine young man and yet you stayed the same as you are only to be refined by time.

I really really like you so much and not just because you are a star or idol but because of the person who you really are. I do hope that one day, I could met you and watch you guys perform live.


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The complete set of badges looks so cool with their Are you happy Bag!
If only i got the money to buy all the badges. I would but sadly I can't :(
I so want my bag to be like this


Jan. 6th, 2017 02:29 pm
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YATTA!!! I wasnt able to watch it on livestream back on Jan 3 and only downloaded the MQ version and because of that I andticipated for it to be sub and wow! Now I can fully watch it!!!
HONTO NO ARIGATOU!!!! I'm so happy!! that I can't fully express just how much hehe :D
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YATTA! It's the complete set of the ARE YOU HAPPY CONCERT TOUR!
Ohno Satoshi's Sapporo pic
Aiba Masaki's Nagoya pic
Jun Matsumoto's Tokyo pic
Ninomiya Kazunari's Osaka pic
And now! Sakurai Sho's Fukuoka pic

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Once again! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! It's the start of a new year and also red month! there's 24 days before his bday and not only that but also my Oka-chan's bday, [livejournal.com profile] matsupie. We're doing a small celebration with our group in FB in which we have to answer certain questions about Sho-chan! hehe!

THe scavenger hunt on Aiba-chan's month was so much fun and now red month is doing another quiz! I'm so excited for it especially since it's my itchiban's bday! yay! I was also given a task to edit our FB groups banner!

The banner is this one!

Hopefully! I can edit Sho-chan's pic before his actual bday! :D
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I'm not sure if its too fast or the year is too short but really 2016 had given me lots of oppurtunity to meet new people and to learn new stuff! Truly I am thankful for such an amazing year. I haven't been active at Lj once again since I'm already working plus I'll be a working student next year! that's why I'll try to be active as much as I can hehe

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  • Wed, 13:51: Been to busy with work and fangirling hehe! And yup! My ojt is done and i'm an intern :D
  • Thu, 10:54: KKYYAA!!! thank you so so much! yatta! i promise to abide by your every rule! https://t.co/hjbF5FBbVp

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Dec. 25th, 2016 03:56 am
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To our cheerful and ever happy loving person in Arashi, Aiba Masaki, Otanjōbi Omedetto!

Hope that you're having a blast and i wish you all the best!

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Dec. 21st, 2016 12:36 am
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