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Can't believe that Arashi has already reached their 17th anniversary without anyone falling behind. They are truly a a bunch of guys who create miracles and a buch of adults who still acts as kids.

If it weren't for theses unique guys, i wouldn't have entered the fandom world of Arashi. And without them, i wouldn't have strive my hardest because they're my inspiration to be able to reach my goals.

Truly i can't ask for more but for them to still continue to inspire us with their never ending works.

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I know that I am super duper mega ultra late (i'm only overreacting) in greeting you a happy anniversary of being in the entertainment world.

You have truly become a wonderful person who has given lots of people the inspiration to strive their best in everything.

Thank you so much for giving us the strength when we are weak, the knowledge to make a bridge for our own success, the inspirational messages to help us strong and most of all l, your raps that are full of meaning.

The people around you seems to see how amazing you are. They have acknowledge not only your personality, talent, achievements and greatness but they have acknowledge you for who you are and truly that is an honor that you truly deserve.

And now, you have a drama special project that your fans are looking forward to even if you its been so long since you last acted, still we await for it with great enthusiasm.

You're truly soaring high more than you know and yet you are still the humble, cute sho-chan that we all know and for that thank you so so much

Truly I am fully grateful to ever know you and hopefully I can meet you someday.


Oct. 18th, 2016 10:16 pm
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Arashi had been very busy. Releasing an album, upcoming concerts, various magazine interview, new drama, shoot for their bangumi. Just wow! Really, I can't help but be amazed by how can they keep up with all of that. Us, fans, are truly grateful!

Sakurai Sho's Newy Year Drama Special

Ohno Satoshi's New Drama

New Album Release in 10/26


Ohmiya Halloween Special (magazine)
VS Arashi 11/03 rheir 300th oponent

Zeus III
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You and the other members of Arashi really had a long way to be able to be where you are now but that's all because of your hardwork as a group! Now that you're celebrating your anniversay. I do hope and pray that you don't have any doubts of being an arashi member, i also want to say thank you for beig the leader that you are that arashi is what they are now. Please contimue supporting the otger members and may you an them stay stronger than ever for you had come along way.

Thank you so much for the amazing dance moves, melodic performance and a sweet clear voice.

Congrats! And i look forward to more entertainement! Thank you so much!
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Things have been quite a mess but I'm still in love with Arashi.

Speaking of them, I've joined quite a lot of community to be able to view their videos! Yay! Thank you for all of your hard work! It seems that once I've gotten the chance I'll be writing quite a lot of reviews from everything that I've watch!

I can't wait for it to happen since I want a lot of people to be able to fancy them as I do too.

See! All of them is just.. Kya!!!! Hehe.


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