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I'm working in the office late at night when I got a call from an unknown number, curious as to who it was, I picked it up only to hear his cheerful voice saying "Working late again?"

Shocked by what he said, I looked around the office to find out that I was alone as if he knew what I did, I heard him chuckle before saying "I'm not inside your office but I'm waiting for you outside" and the call was cut off before I could say anything.

Knowing that he was outside, I turned of my pc, grab my stuff and hurriedly went out of the office.

And just like what he said, he was really there. Looking outside with his hands tucked in his pocket wearing a black coat and white collared shirt, leaning in one of the pillars of the building.

As if sensing my presence, he looked my way, only making his posture to look cool with the night lights. A smile formed in my lips seeing him and so did he.

I walk to where he is as he observe me with those gentle eyes of his. When I was near enough for him, he stretched his arm for me to grab his hand, which i did, and pulled me closer sealing my lips with his.

It was a gentle kiss at first then slowly his kisses became rough stopping when our breaths couldn't keep up anymore.

I knew that by then my face was flushed but he only chuckled before the words ‘otsukaresama’ left his lips.

"Arigatou" I said and peck him in the lips.

His boyish smile came into view adding to his cool feature, distracting me yet again from the question that I wanted to ask but I got hold of myself and didn't gave in and said "You're not supposed to be here”

Instead of being offended, my question seems to amuse him even though he knew the danger of him being seen with me.

Letting go of my hand, he massaged his neck in an awkward manner before looking me in the eyes saying "I've missed you"

And that melt my heart, chuckling at how cute he was, I also told him that I’ve missed him.

He grab hold of my hand once again, leading me to the elevator. Inside, the two of us talked about each other's work until we reached the parking lot outside.

I learned that his clothes was from the photoshoot that he did but he never mentioned the name of the magazine where it would be used, I also learned that his schedule was quite hectic with all his projects, bangumis and even the concert tour.

And to know that above that schedule, he still took the time to visit me made me fall for him some more.

Upon arriving in the parking lot, Sho's black car was parked near a big tree. And with him being him, he rushed to the passenger side and opened the door for me. Before getting in, I thank him and sat comfortably at the seat. He gently closed it and went to the other side to enter the driver's seat.

He fastened his seatbelt and when he noticed that I was about to do mine, he reached for it making his figure too close for comfort. Seeing this, he slyly smiled and peck me in the lips before fastening my seatbelt.

Of course, the peck in the lips wasn't enough for me making me mutter "What a tease" which he, unfortunately, heard and chuckled before saying "If you keep pouting and say that again, I might not be able to control myself" Giving me a wink after. And the effect of it was instant as I started to blush.

"Lexi" he called my name in a warning tone "I wasn't pouting" I defended which he chuckled "You weren’t, but you're making a cute face" a boyish grin was plastered on his mouth.

"Hey! Stop teasing me!" The car stop when the traffic light turned red "Gomen, gomen. I can't help it" He reach for my hand and gave it a peck before turning his head towards the front to drive again.

"Where are we going?" I asked him, curious as to what he had in mind. "Hmm.. I'm not really sure since you don't like fancy restaurants --"

"That's because I don't want you to think i like you due to your money" I cut him off to defend myself, he only smiled at that and continued what he was saying before "and I don't want to go to my parents house right now and also I don’t want to take you home yet”

"Hmm.. Dõshiyo?" I asked him "Dōshiyo!" He playfully asked, making me laugh with him. Having his schedule full makes me worried for him but to see him enjoying and laughing so freely like this makes me love him more and more.

"Then where--" my question was stop when he squeezed my hand and softly spoke "Will my apartment be fine?"

It touch my heart as how cautiously he said those words, it was as if he doesn't want to force me if i didn't want to and just like what I thought he suddenly starts to explain himself.

"Its fine if you don't want to, I can just take you home if you want or we can roam around somewhere or maybe --" I can't help but laugh, cutting him off and said "With you explaining yourself like that, it sounded as if your rapping" and I continued to laugh which he soon joined in.

Once our laughter died down, he kissed my hand and said "Sorry, I was just nervous"

Chuckling, I said "I'm aware but i'm fine with it"

"Fine with me being nervous? Are you a masochist?" He teased "Hey! Not that!" And we laugh once again.

In between our laugh, he suddenly stop and look my way for a sec before turning his attention on the road. "You serious?" he asked in surprised, "Yes, I'm fine with it. After all, I haven't gone to your apartment, it makes one wonder how a national idol lives right?" His smile widen but chuckled when he heard the last part.

"You know that it's only a title" he said "I'm aware but it's a title you worked hard for, you should be proud of it" I told him and this time, I was the one who squeezed his hand.

The car turned right and we spent our time teasing one another especially him since he's busy schedule allowed him to be on tv a lot more which means I got to see a lot of his side.

Once we reached his apartment, I was astonished. It wasn't an apartment but a house, a simple one at that and since it was night. I can't really see much of the exterior and color but I bet it's white.

He parked the car on its parking space and open his door immediately to get to my side and open mine. Still a gentleman as ever.

He lead me to the main door but before he could open it, He faced me and rub his neck, in a nervous way "Could you wait for a bit?"

Wanting to tease him I said no and that response made him more awkward like a little boy who doesn’t know what he has to do, I chuckled and told him that I was only joking. He smiled and thank me before giving me a short gentle kiss.

"I just need a few seconds" He said once the kiss was broken. "You do know that I’m fine with any porn mags right?” I told him earning a playful glare. "I don't have one" he said "Liar! but let's leave it at that and do your cleaning or whatever" I shooed him.

He laughed and said "I don't have one" and entered his apartment.

Like an obedient child, I waited for him and check my phone for messages only to see some reminders about tomorrow's agenda.

I kept clicking my phone when it was snatched by Sho.  "Stop working" he frowned. "I'm not, I was just checking for messages" I told him but he was not convinced. Smiling, I gave him a peck in the cheek and promised not to check my phone again making him smile.

"You’re in high tension, did you hide your porn mag successfully?" His smile turned into a frown but instead of letting him defend himself, I immediately grab his hand telling him to lead me in the apartment

He didn't complain and just led me inside.

Upon entering his apartment, I was in awe at how spacious it was, enough to be called as a bachelor pad.

But before I could close the door, he faced me and grin "Close your eyes". Surprised by what he said I can't help but be worried, raising one eyebrow in question I said "You do know that this is my first time here" but instead of saying anything, his grin grew wider "I might trip over, you know"

“You won't, I’ll lead you" he assured.

"You do know that you're not the leading type right?" I said in a playful tone earning a cute pout from him “but really, you sure about leading me?” I asked once more, a little worried and when he realize what I meant he suddenly blushed and awkwardly step forward towards me, reach my hand and held it between his. "I won't do anything that may acquire your hatred" he guides my hand towards his right cheek for me to hold while holding my gaze to his. His gentle eyes only showed love towards me and nothing more "I care for you a lot do that"

At that moment, I was assured by how much he really thought of me. Shortening the distance between as, I held his face in between my hands and leaned my forehead to his "Thank you" I whispered and we shared a small kiss between the two of us.

He smiled in between our kiss and stopped himself, switching his aura of that a child wanting to show something. Chuckling, I did what he asked and closed my eyes.

I could feel him move to close the door before one of his arm wrapped my waist, guiding me to move forward.

Slowly, he gave instructions which I followed along with some playful remarks as to how stiff I was moving and the like.

Until I could feel the rag on my feet, he lead my hand to feel the couch telling me to be careful as he guide me to the other one, letting me sit comfortably.

Even without me seeing him, this little gestures of his melts my heart for he truly did made sure that I won’t trip or knock myself from anything.

"You can open your eyes now" Slowly I did open my eyes, his broad grin was the first one I saw before looking around.

Black and white are the main theme of the house even though there are different colors such as brown or cream but you'll instantly know that a bachelor is living it.

It was neat but not tidy enough which goes to show that he's not the type to be called as clean freak but has the decency to tidy up.

But the one that drew my breath was the surprisingly prepared dinner right in front of my eyes.

We were in the living room but at the top of the center table are dishes that was well made, a champaign and also a cake.

And out of nowhere, he suddenly gave me a bouquet of white and red rose and to add more to the wonderful surprise, at the middle of the bouquet is one blue rose.

“How did you?...” I kept glancing at him and the blue rose “This might have been hard to find”

He didn’t said a word and only smiled at me, loving my reaction “I can’t believe you got one.. I mean” I kept blabbering, unable to form the right sentence to express how grateful I was.

Finally deciding that I can’t put it into words, I laid the flower on my right side and hug him. He hug me tight and only loosened his hold when I faced him and kiss him full in the lips.

The kiss was slow, gentle and tender like a glass that you don’t want to shatter. Slowly, it turned faster, needer and now we’re fighting for dominance.

The strength in my body slowly left me as he gently lay me down the couch. The kiss only intensifies. My arms snake around his neck, hands on his hair, messing its style. While he caged me in between his hands.

With the lack of oxygen, we broke apart from the hot kiss. He distance himself for a little to give me space to breathe.

He watch me with his gentle eyes as he scan my messy state that he had created due to what happened.

Satisfied by what he saw, he smirk and kiss me on the forehead before getting up from his position. I watched him with glazed eyes, wondering why he stopped when he answered my thoughts in advance.

“I want this night to be special and for me to suddenly attacked you doesn’t sound right although I would love to continue”



Forgive me for the wrong grammar and also for cutting it short :)

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Today is the most joyous day for both the person whom I hold so Dearly! :D

Otanjoubi Omedetou to [livejournal.com profile] matsupie and to Sakurai Sho :)

For Oka-chan! Thank you so much for being born in this world and although I had only known you for a few months and had been a part of your life for a few months. I am still thankful for it because without you, I would never know our FB group, Yama Kaze Exclusive and woulnd't have found the people whom I can get along with and share my love with my itchiban :D

That is why,  I do hope that you'll spend your day full of smiles and fun :)

And for Sakurai Sho, Thank you so much for being my inspiration (and sometimes obsession) truly, you had given me a lot of wisdom from all of your qoutes and songs, thank you for being my strength when I feel like giving up and thank you so so much for being you and also for being born and joining JE and most importantly thank you so much for being a member of Arashi. Not only have you given your fans the happiness to like you but also the inspiration and entertainment like no other. As for your news casting, thank you so much for being the serious type of person you are for taking your job seriously in order for us to be informed. Truly you had grown to be such a fine young man and yet you stayed the same as you are only to be refined by time.

I really really like you so much and not just because you are a star or idol but because of the person who you really are. I do hope that one day, I could met you and watch you guys perform live.



Jan. 6th, 2017 02:29 pm
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YATTA!!! I wasnt able to watch it on livestream back on Jan 3 and only downloaded the MQ version and because of that I andticipated for it to be sub and wow! Now I can fully watch it!!!
HONTO NO ARIGATOU!!!! I'm so happy!! that I can't fully express just how much hehe :D
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Title: An Image to Develop
Rating: PG(?)
Pairs: None
Previous Chapters:
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chapter V
Erica was waiting for Aiba to finish changing since she didn’t like the formal wear kind of photoshoot, she opted for a more casual one. Right now, she’s looking at Aiba’s photo portfolio and was rather impressed to see all kinds of him in front of the lenses. There’s a happy type, serious type, cute type, sexy type and a lot more.

If she didn’t know better, she wouldn’t believe it since the actual person is more of the natural type of guy and yet the lenses shows all different sides of him and the camera does not lie especially when it’s properly taken. Erica was so immersed in checking at Aiba’s portfolio when Jun arrived at the site.

Everyone greeted Jun as he greeted all of them back, he was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with Boston print in front, casual denim jeans and Green moss caterpillar boots.

And for some reason,  the person who prepared his wardrobe had told Jun that a newbie photographer will be handling they photoshoot when in fact it should be a professional seeing as , it's Miyagawa. Which is why out of curiosity, he went out of his way to check it out.                 

The place where the photoshoot is being held looks deserted.Only a few staff was present , Miyagawa-san and Erica.

Jun took a double look to actually confirmed what she saw and there Erica was already talking to a staff about something.
The first time she saw her, he has to admit that the girl was quite stubborn and mysterious but now, the one that he's seeing is a photographer.Jun watched Erica from a distance as she  keeps on conversing to one of the staff for her ideal photoshoot.

Erica was in need of a backdraft of a house, a tiny living room to be exact. The one she was talking to had agreed to her terms earlier and are now asking her for more details that should be added to it.

She wanted the shoot to be homey and natural in order to fully capture the image that she has of Aiba.

The staff arranged the set that Erica wanted while she left them to do their work, she's about to look for Miyagawa-san for his approval of her theme when her eyes caught hold Jun's casual style.

Jun was leaning at the wall while watching Erica when he was caught but instead of pretending, he stared back at her only to be surprised to see her smile.

He was about to open his mouth to say something towards her way when someone loudly came to the set.

"Erica-chan! How's this?" Aiba, excitedly, entered the room, grabbing everyone's attention.

"You don't have to yell, baka" Erica playfully said as she checks him from head to toe.

Aiba was wearing a pinkish woolen sweatshirt without a hood and underneath it is a collared checkered long sleeve shirt, black slacks, black socks and black leather shoes.

Seeing his outfit, Erica turned her attention towards Jun only to find it quite similar to the casual feel that Aiba was emitting.

Pleased with her idea, Erica walk towards Jun and said "You'll be my second model" and turned her head towards Aiba "And you'll work together"

Surprised to what Erica just said, Jun was about to protest knowing that they should be doing the shoot with Miyagawa-san but Erica hush him and answered his silent protest.

"I'm in charge of three people among the five of you and it so happens that you two" Erica pointed at Jun and then Aiba "are giving my idea to life"

"What kind of photoshoot are we going to do?" Jun's curiosity was piqued by what Erica said but instead of her answering, Aiba was the one who did.

"Woah! The set looks so homey!" Aiba was cheerfully inspecting the masterpiece that the staff had work on to create.

The photo set was arranged in the style of a japanese home, complete with a small rectangular table and a soft pillow to match.

The door and windows were made with wood and glass giving the viewers an artificial garden like view. Match it up with the light effects to give it a sunny feeling.

Jun observe the spectacular set while Aiba was already inside the set checking everything out.

Erica thank all the staff before smiling so happily and went to look for Miyagawa for her theme confirmation and leaving the two for a bit.

Jun walked towards the set to fully scrutinize it and find it amazing to see how detailed it was. Aiba was already feeling at home as he sat near the table and soon after was joined by Jun.

"Wonder what kind of photo shall be develop with this amazing set" Aiba asked like a child who first went to a theme park.

"It does make one wonder" Jun agreed as he settled himself in their so called photo set.

The two spent their leisure time relaxing in their photo set that even the staff finds it cute to see how they naturally blends in.

And when the other members walk in, they were more than surprise to see the two chilling as if they're at home.

"What are you doing?" Sho asked the two once he was near enough for them to hear him without shouting.

"As you can see, they're relaxing"  was Nino's remark but Sho ignored him and waited for the answer of the two.

"We're waiting for Erica-chan" Aiba exclaimed. Holding down the book that he took from the small table before.

“Why are you wearing comfy clothes while we don’t?” Ohno complained.

“The moment you said something and it turns out to be a complaint” Nino pointed out.

“Ask her” was Jun’s only answer as he sat himself up from his lying position earlier.

With that said, everyone turned their attention towards Erica, who was walking towards their way together with Miyagawa.

“Konbanwa Minna” Miyagawa greeted in which the members greeted back.

“You might already know that some of you will be handled by Erica and it seems that she already choose Jun and Aiba” hearing their name, they both nodded. “And you’ve chosen a theme that is different from the one I’ve decided?” Miyagawa raised an eyebrow in
question towards Erica.

Erice smiled before nodding, pleased with the idea of taking a homey and casual picture of the two in the set that the staff created.

Miyagawa sighed in defeat knowing that even if he argued, Erica will never abide by his rules. He observed the set where the two guys are leisurely taking their break.

The image the Erica wanted to have is quite simple yet on its own way has an appeal unlike the image that he have with the formal wear.

“You’re intrigued” Erica simply stated, getting the attention of her sensei “give me this chance and if it didn’t work, I’ll gladly take you offer to do the theme that you like” Erica confidently said the promise that she knew that she hate.

But Erica knows that the image in her mind was correct and she wants to take hed camera and take the shot especially since her two models are way too relax in the set making it more appealable.

“Fine” Miyagawa agreed “but, you still need on-” before he can complete his sentence Erica cut her off.

“I only need those two for now which is why” Erica turned her attention towards the three and apologetically bowed “gomen, but the image I have is already complete with just them” and she looked towards the two with a smile.

The guys were awestruck by how genuine the smile that Erica showed for a minute before walking away to get her camera, preparing for the shoot.

“Never knew she could smile like that” Miyagawa unconsciously spoke “And to think she’s going to take your photos” he turned his attention towards the guys, who was still staring at Erica.

“Anyway, you three will be my models and later on the 5 of you” Miyagawa explained and then he face Jun and Aiba “Enjoy it and relax, she may look so carefree but she knows what she’s doing”Jun and Aiba smiled at him and told him that they understand.

Miyagawa turned his back on them and walked towards where his photo set was. The other members was about to follow him when they decided to tease the two for a bit

“Jun-kun, tell us if Aibachi makes a mistake” he gave jun a wink and all of them laughed when Aiba suddenly shouted ‘hey’.

“Tell us how it went later” Sho said in which Ohno and Nino both nodded in agreement before walking towards the other set leaving the two.

“Why do you guys always expect something to happen when it comes to me?” Aiba frustratingly ask Jun.

“That’s because it does” was Jun’s short reply.

“That makes me curious” Erica said when she heard the conversation between the two.

“That’s because it does” Was Jun’s only reply.

“I wonder what that something might pertains to” Erica voice in as she neared the two.

“You heard that?” Aiba asked

“It's hard not to epecially when you guys were being loud” She explained before she took a test shot of the two standing side by side.

“Hey! Stop with the stolen pictures” Aiba exclaimed but Erica ignored her and check the shot.

“It's good enough” Jun complemented making Erica jump in surprise seeing as he was already beside her checking the photo she took.

“Don’t do that” Erica hissed

“Do what?” Jun questioned

“Whatever” Erica brushed it off before telling them to get comfy on the set.Aiba and Jun obliged but a second later was confused as to what kind of position should they do.

The two of them stared at one another and back to Erica, who was givinginstructions to the staff.

“What position are we supposed to take?” Jun asked, confused as to what they need to do.

“I’m not sure, she only said to get comfy but how?” Aiba raised another question.

Seeing them like a lost child, Erica stifled a laugh and walk towards them.“If you, guys, kept standing up and were to tell me that you’re more comfortable that way then we can start” Erica touch their shoulder before talking to the guys.

The friendly gesture of Erica was another unexpected side of her and she knows that but just by being with these guys, she can’t help but be natural.

“By being comfortable, do you mean we can do any position?” Jun asked looking at the girl in between them.

“Yup!” Erica popped the letter ‘p’ playfully.

“He~ then I got dibs on the small table” Aiba raised his hand in the air while saying the words.

Erica chuckled and left those two to get ready for her photoshoot and unbeknown to her, she was being observed by Jun.

The staff that Erica was talking to earlier neared the set where Jun and Aiba was and placed some coffee and snacks in the table
before excusing herself.

Erica thank the staff again for doing her request.With a camera on hand, she was ready to take the image in her head perfectly.

“You can use whatever you want and in there and just feel at home” she instructed the two.

Aiba and Jun once again shared a look, Aiba smiled while Jun just shrugged.

Jun grab the book that Aiba was checking out earlier only to see that it was a shounen jump manga even though the cover doesn’t say so.

“They really did a good job at it right?” Erica, amusingly said.

“Yea! The set is amazingly prepared even though it was only for a short time” Aiba agreed. Bending his body downward and outstretch his legs as his arms supports his upper body.

“And you guys often get to encounter this kind of set?” Jun sat upright, eyes on Erica, who was standing idly in front.

“We do although filming outside the set is more comfortable” Jun answered

“Is that because of the girls screaming or the mob of girls that likes you?” Erica, sarcastically, asked

Aiba laughed at what Erica said, taking her by surprise “Sho-chan might answer that one as a yes but nah! It’s not really like that”

“Really? Because from what I know, most idols yearn for that” Erica pointed out.

“Being outside makes us normal even if we’re filming” Jun answered before pouring himself some coffee.

“That’s quite unexpected” Erica blurted out.

By now Aiba was already holding the covered shounen jump manga on his right as he comfortably sat himself to read it while Jun reach the comfy blanket to cover his lap, gave Aiba a cup of tea, and relaxingly drink his tea.

The naturalness and comfortable atmosphere that the two emits made Erica take the shot.

A flash of the lights made the two look at Erica who was delighted by what she took.

“Should we take that as a sign that you’ve found the first picture?” Jun asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Hai!” Erica happily replied. Her response made the two chuckle. Before the shoot was continued.

The three talked some more before Erica was satisfied with all the shots that she had taken before wrapping things up.

“Honto ni arigatõ!” Erica thank Aiba and Jun for the successful shoot that they did. She’s fully confident that the picture turned out perfectly well.

“Thanks for the hard work” Aiba and Jun said to all the staff and to Erica

Erica learned a lot about those two over just a span of 1-2 hours of the photoshoot. And it was also the same for the boys.

On that day, the three thought that people are just plainly mysterious.

A staff brought a flower to Erica which she thankfully grab after thanking the staff.She turned her body towards the two “Thank you for the hard work” handling them the bouquet.The two smiled at her before saying thanks to her.

At that moment, the other members already arrived at the set, finished with their respective photoshoot. Leaving the group photo unaccomplished

“Yo, did something good happened?” Nino shouted towards the three.

“Minna! As you can see nothing happened” Was Aiba’s reply but because of him raising his hand to greet the other members, Erica got off balance on the edge of the photo set.

Instinctively, Erica grab Jun, who was near her at the moment, for support catching him off guard.

“Abunai!” everyone shouted but it was too late, Erica and Jun fell on the ground.

The good thing about the fall is that Jun was able to change their position, cushioning Erica from the impact.

But the bad part is what happened next. The members and the staff was frozen in place when they saw the the after effect of what Aiba-chan did.

Erica’s lips was pressed against the side of Jun’s lips in an accidental kiss.


Next Chapter: Coming Soon...

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November is just full of Ohno Satoshi's Celebration! And one of those is the official announcment of the official release of the official DVD of Sekamazu(?) (ok that's a lot of official but it is).

I do hope that a lot of Ohno Satoshi wifey is looking forward to it and also the people who was captivated by this Love Comedy drama of his. It is truly such a cute thing to find a stubborn yet cute sachou!

And the DVD box is decorated by oh-chan's drawing is sekaii! (Omg! That is so cute!) and its box is colored blue with maching samejima freebie!

Everyone look forward to it hehe

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Can't believe that Arashi has already reached their 17th anniversary without anyone falling behind. They are truly a a bunch of guys who create miracles and a buch of adults who still acts as kids.

If it weren't for theses unique guys, i wouldn't have entered the fandom world of Arashi. And without them, i wouldn't have strive my hardest because they're my inspiration to be able to reach my goals.

Truly i can't ask for more but for them to still continue to inspire us with their never ending works.

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Title: An Image to Develop
Rating: PG(?)
Pairs: None
Previous Chapters: Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV

Aiba Masaki watch Erica from the sidelines as she prepared the photo set that she’ll be using. He arrived earlier than the set time. The part for his TV shooting finished early which is why he decided to straightly went to the studio.

When he arrived, everyone greeted him except for Erica who only took a glance at him before continuing her preparation. It was kind of refreshing for a girl to act like that, maybe it’s due to the fact that he had been surrounded by a lot of fans or maybe it’s because of how he had meet her.

Thinking back to how they met, Aiba can’t help but grin. She was kind of stubborn but she has a funny side that she rarely shows.

Wanting to get to know her, Aiba slowly moved closer to her, still silently watching her. When he was near enough, Aiba called her name and when Erica’s head turn to Aiba’s direction, his finger poked her cheeks.

“Caught you” Aiba grinned while Erica raised an eyebrow, attention completely on him. “Miyagawa-sensei is calling you” Erica pointed out to Aiba but when Aiba turned his attention towards the back, he saw MIyagawa talking to one of the staffs. “He’s no---“Aiba was caught off guard by the same thing he did with Erica.

“Caught you~” Erica cheerfully said. The two of them stare at one another for a second before bursting into a fit of laughter.

“You’re such a kid” Erica commented “So are you” Aiba replied. And once again, they burst into laughter.

After a minute or so, they stop laughing but the smile on their face was still evident. “Anyway, since you’re too early, why didn’t you just sit still like the people who’ll have their picture taken?” Erica walk towards Miyawa’s photography stuff to put down the camera she was holding.

“Demo~, it’s more fun not to and talking to the stuff is more fun” AIba answered, his hands on his packet. “Hai, Hai!” Erica wave her hand as a sign of telling him to do what he wants.

“Ne~ Erica-chan” Aiba walk in front of Erica’s view as she tries a new lens for the camera “Hmm?” Erica took a picture of Aiba-chan as a trial photo which Aiba didn’t mind and smiled in front of her “Are you free later?” Erica put the camera down, giggling, before playfully saying “We’ve just talk for a few minutes and you’re already asking me out?”

“Eh? No, No, that’s not what I meant” Aiba was flustered after he realized what he just said, seeing him like that, Erica didn’t want the chance to slip by and took a picture of it. “Hey! That was embarrassing” Aiba complained when he saw Erica taking a picture.

Erica laughed at him before checking what her earlier shot, Aiba had an embarrassed smile and was about to cover it up when she took it. His suit doesn’t even give off the aura that his intimidating in the slightest.

“How is it?” Aiba was curious but he didn’t want to make her hate him, seeing as it was her policy to be the first one to see her shots. “It’s not worth it” Erica answered and deleted the picture “eh~?” was Aiba’s reaction.

“Anyways, are you going wear that for the photo shoot?” For the first time since they’ve started interacting did Erica observed Aiba from head to toe “Yup, this is what they’ve given me” Was Aiba’s answer, a broad smile plastered in his face.

Erica wasn’t impressed at all if she was the photographer, she would want for Aiba to be himself and show off that bright smile of his and his other personality in a homey feel. But she can’t decide that for herself since she’s only assisting Miyagawa-sensei.

And as if reading her mind, Miyagawa called her attention. She excused herself from Aiba which he nodded in acknowledgement. When Erica closed the distance from teacher, Miyagawa said “You’ll be in charge of the three people today while I’ll do the other two and the group shot”

“Ok~” was Erica’s nonchalant reply, thinking that it was another workload. Only to realize to late what Miyagawa-sensei truly said. “Chotto matte! You’re kidding right?” She asked him for confirmation, hoping that what she just heard was wrong but the look in Miyagawa’s eyes wasn’t.

She knew that she cannot refuse what her sensei assigned to her but she can’t help but hate it. She never liked taking photos of people. For her those pictures in magazines are mostly fake. She doesn’t want to capture images that are done only for work. What Erica wanted are genuine emotions that’s why capturing architectural places are more precious for it shows just how much people tried their hardest to be able to gain create those wonderful structures.

“Get your stuff ready and pick the one’s you like among the members of Arashi” Miyagawa turned his back to a pouting Erica when he took a few steps he realized something and look back for a bit, Erica was already covering a part of her face with her right hand “Seeing as you’re getting along with Masaki, then you can pick two more”

Hearing that, Erica frustratingly comb her hair with her right hand. “I’m totally being played at” was Erica’s thought. Knowing that she can’t do anything more, she walked back to the stuff she prepared earlier.

And just like when she left Aiba there, she still found him on the same spot although he’s checking up the camera that she was adjusting earlier. When she got close, Aiba smiled towards her and said “Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu Erica-chan”

And Erica fully knew that it was a photo shoot that she’ll have to enjoy or else it would leave a bad record for her.

Next Chapter: Chapter VI
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Title: An Image to Develop
Rating: PG(?)
Pairs: None
Previous Chapters: Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III
Erica can’t help but still wonder as to what, why and how did things ended the way they are. She is currently preparing Miyagawa-sensei's stuff for the upcoming photoshoot with the members of Arashi.

“Stop looking at my stuff as if they’ll give out answers to your questions” MIyagawa told Erica from behind her.

Erica turned to face her sensei and said “And how exactly did you know that” and as if mocking him, Erica crossed her arms in front of her.

Miyagawa smiled at her and pointed to her right where a large mirror was slightly adjusted to barely see Miyagawa’s stuff.

And with that Erica’s question were answered. “Now, if you could just stop sulking and just be your natural self then it would be wonderful”

With a sigh and a simple “How in the world did my trip turn out to be like this?” Erica grab one of his sensei’s professional camera for adjustment.


“Hajimemashite Arashi-san” Erica greeted with a respectful bow.

“Hajimemashite Erica-chan, Aiba Masaki desu~” Aiba-chan cheerfully greeted back as he walked towards Erica to shake her hands. Erica was dumbfounded by his gesture but instead of pulling away, she smiled sweetly and greeted back.

“Hajimemashite, Matsumoto Jun desu” Jun greeted after Aiba-chan returned to Sho’s side, Erica unconsciously took a step back which didn’t went unnoticed to Jun “Gomen, I didn’t mean to scare you earlier” with his sincere apology, Erica smile nodding that she understood”

“Ninomiya Kazunari, Yoroshiku” With a boyish grin, wink and informal salute, Nino greeted back. Erica giggled at the guy’s childishness

“Hajimemashite, Boku wa Sakurai Sho desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu” Sho formally greeted back with a wide smile and a slight nod of his head. Erica bowed her head slightly as a sign of acknowledgement with a smile on her face.

“Ohno Satoshi desu~, yoroshiku ne~” Ohno playfully said, earning a light slap from Nino. When Ohno look at him for answers, “Don’t sound as if you’re on air” was Nino’s explanation. Earning a giggle from Erica.

“Erica-san, you said that you caught a picture of them earlier correct?” Ando Ryo asked Erica once the exchange of greetings were done.

“Hai” Erica shyly answered, tightly holding the camera on her hand. “Can we see it?” Ando continued.

Erica was quite troubled and seeing this Miyagawa intervene. “Ando, it’s in Erica’s policy to see what she has taken first before anyone else which is why I’m afraid that you can’t” Hearing this, Erica sighed in relief “Although, she can developed it on the studio right now for you everyone to see”

“Eh?!” Erica reacted while the two older men nodded and Arashi smiled in satisfaction. “That would be a good idea” Omora Ken agreed.

“Then it’s decided” Miyagawa clapped his hand “No!” Erica protested “Not for a second time sensei” She continued as she walk away from her sensei.

“Second time?” Miyagawa seemed confuse at first but gradually he understood “It was for your project in NPI and besides, we can’t have you preventing us from seeing your work especially when your model is Okada Junichi of V6”

With Miyagawa’s explanation everyone looked at Erica with shocked. “Is that true” “Honto?” “Majide?” was thrown at her.

“What? It was only for our schools photoshoot and I didn’t want a person to model for me mind you” Erica defended. Upon hearing that Arashi burst in laughter while Ando and Omora questioned Miyagawa.

“Are you serious?” Jun asked in between laughter.

“She’s talking as if she doesn’t want anything to have to do with Okada-senpai” Sho added

“I’m so going to say this to Okada-senpai” Nino burst in laughter by just remembering what Erica said.

“Oh God! That has to hurt” Ohno said to Nino

“Ah! I so want to know what happened” Aiba exclaimed after he calmed down.

“What?” Erica asked in confusion.

And is if asking her question, Ando explained “Okada Junichi is Arashi’s senpai and a close friend of theirs”

Erica’s attention turned towards the three older men, who happens be looking at Miyagawa’s Ipad, and to be more precise her photo assignment of Okada Junichi back then.

The photo assignment that Erica was assigned to was to take Okada Junichi’s unexpected side that the world doesn’t usually see. But here’s the catch, Erica doesn’t know anything about him which is why she randomly took the picture that she thought was good enough.

And for her to do that, she asked Miyagawa if she can take Okada-kun outside for a photoshoot. At first, Miyagawa declined it since it was dangerous to do so being as Okada is a member V6, a famous group of Johnny’s and Associates but when Erica had told him that she’ll be willing to take the photoshoot somewhere private as long as it’s in a house.

And so the photoshoot was held at Miyagawa’s private home in Tokyo. Okada-san arrived at the place an hour earlier than the expected time but Erica didn’t mind and still loitered around to house to inspect instead of starting the shoot.

When Erica decided where the shoot shall take place, she still didn’t inform Okada-san and just casually converse with him. Erica wanted him to fully relax, for him to forget that it was a photoshoot and just open up to her. Okada didn’t mind at all and conversed with her.

They were already at the garden and yet they still didn’t even for once took a picture at all. Miyagawa was watching them and yet he can’t exactly read what was Erica thinking but when he saw Okada leaning at the fence, his right hand is being leaned by his head.

At that moment, Miyagawa caught a glimpse of Erica readying her camera. They talk for a bit more and when Okada was about to fully smile, the snap of the camera captured the image that she wanted.

And with that, Erica told Okada that she was already done with a smile, Okada was surprised at first but it turned to amusement. They bid farewell and Erica gave the photo to Miyagawa and pack her stuff then left the house.

And that very picture is being shown to the two older men. “Woah! Is that the picture? I want to see” Aiba excitedly said. The other’s followed suit and grabbed the Ipad of Miyagawa as they check the picture.

“You got talent” Omora complimented her. Although the compliment didn’t made Erica happy at all. “Why don’t you let her help you Miyagawa-san?” He suggested.

“With this, we can continue the photoshoot without any problem” Ando added. Miyagawa smiled at the idea and agreed and when Erica was about to protest, Arashi cut her off and said “We look forward to working with you” in perfect sync.

~End of Flashback~

And that’s the reason why she landed to where she is right now. Erica took a few snap of the camera to check the light’s effect.

“At least, you’re policy wasn’t broken. Besides on the next term you’ll be working like this” Miyagawa told her.

“Why can’t you understand that I hate taking people’s picture?” Erica questioned, still adjusting the camera.

“It’s because you have the talent for it and I’m sure you’ll be able to like it soon enough” was his answer but he knew that Erica, unconsciously love taking people’s photo, which is why he want’s her to accept that side of her.

Erica check the time on her watch, to find that that it was already 5:30 in the afternoon. 30 minutes left before Arashi arrives and an hour or so before she could live the place.

But unbeknown to her, it was her first project as a professional photographer and Miyagawa is keeping it a secret from her.
This is the said picture of Okada Junichi in the story (P.S. I don't own any pictures and everything that is written in my fiction are not based on any true story)

Next Chapter: Chapter V


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Arashi had been very busy. Releasing an album, upcoming concerts, various magazine interview, new drama, shoot for their bangumi. Just wow! Really, I can't help but be amazed by how can they keep up with all of that. Us, fans, are truly grateful!

Sakurai Sho's Newy Year Drama Special

Ohno Satoshi's New Drama

New Album Release in 10/26


Ohmiya Halloween Special (magazine)
VS Arashi 11/03 rheir 300th oponent

Zeus III
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You and the other members of Arashi really had a long way to be able to be where you are now but that's all because of your hardwork as a group! Now that you're celebrating your anniversay. I do hope and pray that you don't have any doubts of being an arashi member, i also want to say thank you for beig the leader that you are that arashi is what they are now. Please contimue supporting the otger members and may you an them stay stronger than ever for you had come along way.

Thank you so much for the amazing dance moves, melodic performance and a sweet clear voice.

Congrats! And i look forward to more entertainement! Thank you so much!
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Title: An Image To Develop
Rating: PG(?)
Pairing: None
Previous Chapters: Chapter I, Chapter II
Erica’s stop laughing when she realized that she’s the only one who’s doing so, talk about awkward. She cleared her throat and in a small voice said “Sorry”.

Jun watched her fiddle her fingers shyly before asking the same question that he had asked earlier “Where were you going?” Erica look at Jun as he continued what he’s saying “Especially with our picture you’ve just taken”

Erica took a step back, looking back and forth towards Jun and the others. She was aware that what she did was wrong but it was her policy to never delete nor let someone see her photos before she did.

“I’ll ask you again” Jun step forward near her “Where are---” Jun’s question was interrupted by someone’s, or rather a group of people talking near them.

At first, it was faint until it gradually grew closer to them making their conversation more audible. “Why of all time does she need to be gone today?” Someone said in frustration “ We’re very so--” someone was about to apologize when he was cut off by the other person “Sorry, will not help if we can’t find a replacement today”

“It's bad enough to have one less photographer but it's worse to let Arashi keep waiting just because of our mistake” another person joined in on the conversation.

The word ‘Arashi’ made the 5 guys, in the room with Erica, more attentive. “I wonder what happened” Ohno whispered and as a reply Nino smack him at the back before saying “that’s why we’re eavesdropping, you idiot”

“Those five has their own respective schedules and to bring those five together are already hard enough and now, things are a mess” The one who said the name ‘Arashi’ continued.

In the back of Erica’s mind, she was curious as to who were they referring to since she wasn’t really familiar about the celebrity world in Japan. She was really intrigue.

“Can’t help it, we need to talk to them about today’s photography before they start shooting for the TV special” And with that said, the door suddenly open, revealing 3 older men.

The three men was taken aback to see Arashi downstairs when they very well knew that they’re supposed to be upstairs.

The two guys was supposed to ask Arashi the question why they were there when one of them spoke first, and surprisingly it was towards Erica.

“What are you doing here, Erica?” The older man who has a camera on his hand. If the two older guys and Arashi was surprised, Erica was more than surprise to see her sensei before the official start of their classes.

“Konichiwa Miyagawa-sensei” Erica bowed her head in respect, like a proper lady before answering her teacher’s question “Since I was on vacation, I decided to take the trip to come here”
And as a sign of her real intention, Erica showed her sensei her camera.

Miyagawa nodded in understanding but his real question was still left unanswered “And?” The guys listened intently, curious to see one of the kindest photography that they knew being all serious on a girl, a student of his for that matter.

“And when I arrived here in Matsumoto castle, I kind of stumbled to find the 5 guys upstairs” And with an apologetic bow towards Arashi, she continued “I was mesmerized by how they got along that I ,unintentionally, caught a picture of them”

Miyagawa turned his attention towards Arashi for confirmation which the five nodded in confirmation. With that, Miyagawa took a step towards Erica and as if she already knew what it was, both of them bowed in apology towards Arashi.

“We’re deeply sorry for causing you trouble” Miyagawa apologize, overwhelming the the party

“Eh?!” Arashi shouted in surprise “Please don’t lift your heads up” Sho immediately told them.

“We’re totally fine with it, ne?” Aiba stated while looking back and forth towards the guys.

“And earlier we were chasing here because of it” Nino stated in a bratty tone, earning him a glare from the others “but yea, it’s fine” He added.

With that Ohno added “Please raise your head”

Miyagawa and Erica raised their head after apologizing again. “This is the first time I saw Miyagawa-san apologized for someone” Stated by one of the older guys.

“It was really quite unexpected” the other guy agreed

“Hajimemashite, Ando-san, Omora-san” Erica greeted and when she was about to greet the 5 guys,they were looking at her, intently “Hajimemashite Arashi-san”

Maybe, it was a sign from someone above, telling her that her troubled time shall start on that day. Because if only Erica was aware of it then surely she shouldn’t have press the button on her camera.

Next Chapter: Chapter IV
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Title: An Image To Develop Chapter II
Rated: PG (?)
Pairing: None
Previous Chapter: Chapter I
The Matsumoto castle has been the place where the popular boy group, Arashi was going to film as of today and when they arrived at the site. A lot of people were already there for sightseeing while the others seems to have known that they’ll be filming on that specific time and day.

Some of the people are even holding baby uchiwas with their faces on it, making it obvious that they’re fans. Seeing this situation, the staff and crew decided to let the members of Arashi to take refuge inside the castle as they wait for them to set up.

The 5 members of Arashi obeyed and sneak in inside the castle since some of the guides were informed beforehand to be able to avoid causing a commotion.

Each member was already dressed in their respective colored haori. Blue for Ohno Satoshi, Red for Sakurai Sho, Green for Aiba Masaki, Yellow for Ninomiya Kazunari and Purple for Matsumoto Jun.

The 5 of them we’re lazing around at first but since they haven’t really seen one another with their busy schedule, they immediately converse with another, although Nino is still playing with his DS.

Their conversion turned to teasing especially when Aiba kind of made a mistake with what Jun and Sho were talking when he kind of shouted his reaction, earning him a smack in the head from the members ending with all of them laughing.

And in that instant, a snap of light and a camera’s shutter caught their attention. For a split second no one reacted as they observe those clear brown eyes of the girl who just took their picture.

“What do you think you're doing?” Was Nino’s break of the ice comment. And as if realizing her mistake, Erica hurriedly went down the stairs.

As the boys look at one another and slyly grin at one another, as if communicating something. And with a signal of “GET HER!!” from Aiba did they started the chase.

“Oh! God! What have I done?” was Erica’s thought as she tried her very best to outrun them but since it’s a castle, you can expect that it was futile after all, the stairs are the hardest part to avoid.

“Chotto Matte!” Sho shouted but Erica didn’t stop neither did she slow down. The exit of the castle was already within reach when someone grab her hand and twirled her to face the person.

“And where are you going?” Jun ask Erica nonchalantly.

Erica was about to speak when a large bang near the stairs was heard. Both Jun and Erica turns their attention to what just happened only to see the 4 guys all bundled up, as if they fell from the stairs.

Aiba was under Sho and then Ohno while Nino was still at the middle of the stairs watching the three idiots who tripped themselves.

“Just what are you doing?” Nino complained to the three as he slowly descends the stairs.

“Gomen! I kind of slipped” Ohno apologized as he gets up from their position as the other two groaned in response.

With the sight in front of her, Erica can’t contain her laughter and burst out laughing. And once again, the boys’ attention was on her for the second time.

Next Chapter: Chapter III
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Title: An Image To Develop
Rated: PG (?)
Pairing: None (I'll be using a third party for the story)

Photography has always been a passion of Erica. She attended Nippon Photography Institute (NPI) in Tokyo, Japan in order to pursue her passion. And the moment she stepped into the country she fell in love with it. The picturesque place was worth a shot from her camera.

She never once thought of wanting to go back to her homeland instead, she willingly stayed in the country. Her years of stay in the country grew as she discovered new places to explore and in every place she went, she’ll have tons of pictures to developed to bring back at her house.

Her classmates even made fun of her at times, saying that she’s a photo freak and such but she didn’t mind after all, her friends are only teasing her. She and her friends are all attending the same institute and also pursuing the same passion. Although they are not the top of the class, still they have their own specialties. And Erica's forte as still images but her professor wants her to try photographing people. A suggestion she refused to do. Until that moment in Nagano prefecture.
It was the last day of her vacation in the Nagano Prefecture before going back to Tokyo for another term in the institute. She decided to take the chance the Matsumoto Castle.

Erica was so amazed by its architectural frame when she saw it while walking around the place. She readied her camera to take a few couple of shots before she tries to find the direction to where it actually is.

Once she found the perfect angle, she smiled happily and continued on her journey to get closer to the castle. While walking, Erica notice some girls giggling and squealing in delight as they ran towards the direction of the castle. She was curious and at the same time she didn’t want to pry.

Which is why when she saw a crew of cameramen, she automatically knew that there’s going to be a shoot for a certain TV show and her curiosity from before about the girls are now resolved.

Erica didn’t pay no mind to what was about to happen and went on her way to enter the castle. She was in awe. If the outside structure was already amazing, what more for the inside to be. It was purely amazing. She explored the castle as one of the guides accompany her, informing erica of the history of the castle.

On one of the floors of the castle, Erica can hear 5 guys talking and laughing at something. And unlike earlier when she ignored her curiosity, this time there was something in the back of her mind that made her decide to check it out.

Erica told the guide that she can explore on her own and left. When she was so sure that the guide was gone, she slowly walk up the stairs, heart pounding with nervousness.

When she can finally took a peek, she was debating as to whether seize the chance or just walk back and let them be. And the urge to find out seems to have one.

She took a peek and saw 5 guys wearing a haori with different colors. The blue one was sitting, indian style next to the green one and they seem to be laughing about something. The yellow one was seating a bit further from the two playing with his DS seriously. While the other the the red and purple one was standing near each other discussing about something.

The more she observes them, the more her curiosity grows. And when she thought she was caught when the green one suddenly shouted an “Oh!” the other guys smack him in the head and laugh.

At that moment, my hands found its way to the camera and with a snap of the light, they’re attention was on me.

Next Chapter: Chapter II
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Omg! The new album cd cover is truly amazing! Kyaa!!! Sakumoto love is even there! Omg! Can't wait to hear the album!!!!
Credits to weibo

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It's been such a long time since Sho-chan entered the world of news casting, a dream that he always wanted and now he already fulfilled. He's hardwork really paid off, seeing as a lot of people both appreciate and love him. Zero has truly became a part of the person that we all come to know as SAKURAI SHO
#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

[NEWS ZERO 10/3] "10 years ago, not even knowing the right or left, I stepped into the news-casting world. With the audiences and interviewees who have given me the opportunities to grow, I've somehow made it for 10 years." "I've been introduced as "the representative of the younger generation", but from now on, I hope to reach more generations with my coverage." - Sakurai Sho #ZERO10thAnniv #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Even the members acknowledges him as a newscaster.

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

And most of all even he himself knows it (^_^)
#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

And even his newscasting team knows it the most :)
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Hmm.. I can't remember the last time i woke up early for no reason at all :). It kind of feels new but refreshing!

And to be greeted by arashi pics is truly marvelous indeed! I have to thank my fellow arashian for it :)

For this day, i wonder what could be the things that can make me happy.

After all arashi did ask us if we are happy :)

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The first time I heard the song Power of the Paradise, I loved it. It has the cheerfulness and encouragement that you can both get from the message of the song and the melody of it. And when I heard Hana from their single, I deeply fell. Overtime, Arashi's songs became more purer and meaningful. Maybe it's because of their hard work for all theses years or maybe it's because of their love to their fans. Either way, i really like them.

Their Music Video for power of the Paradise was quite simple compared to the ones they had before and I wonder why but the effort they put in it together with their staff is appreciated. (^_^)!

I can't wait for their upcoming album.

Here are collages of their official pictures from their single.

Power of the Paradise official pictures

Power of the Paradise official pictures #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也


Ohno Satoshi's official single photo of Power of the Paradise

Ohno Satoshi's official single photo of Power of the Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Sakurai Sho's official single photo of Power of the Paradise

Sakurai Sho's official single photo of Power of the Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Aiba Masaki's official single photos for Power of the Paradise

Aiba Masaki's official single photos for Power of the Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Ninomiya Kazunari's official Single photo of Power of Paradise

Ninomiya Kazunari's official Single photo of Power of Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Matsumoto Jun's official single photos of Power of the Paradise

Matsumoto Jun's official single photos of Power of the Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也
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September seems to be giving me lots of amazing surprises and adventure. Last week, I chance to was given a chance to attend the Step Up seminar that was held in Ateneo De Manila which was truly a knowledgable experience. Soon after, I had gotten the chance to explore the unfinished Venice GrandCannal in Taguig! An experience that brought me and my friends closer than ever.

My surprise didn't lessen when Arashi celebrated their 17th Anniversary, for I had found friends that has the same fandom as me.

And Now? How lucky can I get when I've been promoted as Admin in one of the groups in FB that is solely for Arashi.
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I can't wait for Nino's drama! Since it was announce that he'll have a new drama. I've been excited. Now, there's four of them doing a drama! One is a teacher, the other is a ninja, the other one is a chef and the last one is disabled!

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Ah! My weekends are just so busy that I didn't got the chance to be able to post anything here. But now, i can! Yay! I've bee seeing lots of arashi stuff that i can't wait to see all of it! Been deprived of them since i was busy.

Nino and Sho's wishes seems to have been granted by the staff of nino-san to air the video where sho came to the studio. It was quite lovely of him :)

Now, i wonder if sho's wishes that all of the arashi members could join the battle of Zeus can come true. Although, I must say that I really want to see it! I want to see Arashi conquer each battle stage with all their might.

Really! I've been missing out quite a lot don't you guys think so too? Hehe


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