Oct. 18th, 2016 10:16 pm
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Arashi had been very busy. Releasing an album, upcoming concerts, various magazine interview, new drama, shoot for their bangumi. Just wow! Really, I can't help but be amazed by how can they keep up with all of that. Us, fans, are truly grateful!

Sakurai Sho's Newy Year Drama Special

Ohno Satoshi's New Drama

New Album Release in 10/26


Ohmiya Halloween Special (magazine)
VS Arashi 11/03 rheir 300th oponent

Zeus III
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Watching arashi's past videos and present videos can really make me both smile and laugh at times. Whenever I'm stressed and under pressure, being able to listen to their voices already relieves me. They are truly something. I may be a filipino and not someone who can easily understands the lyrics of japanese songs but even so ARASHI can truly touch my heart.

I do hope that they'll last forever!

Here's a short clip that I cut from the original video (^_^)
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In all the members of Arashi, Sho-kun is known to be the so called "Problem Child" but still no one can deny how cute he is with all the pouting and the members (entertaining) bullying.

Being the 2nd oldest, he can act both mature and immature when he's with ARASHI which is why I kind of got attracted to him and its also a plus factor that he is a rapper! (^_^)

Sho-kun sure likes to use this kind of cute pose

[The upper left is VS ARASHI, the upper left is the Behind-the-Scene of Yamada Taro Monogatari and the lower part is a VS ARASHI special]

But of course, every member has a certain cuteness to them just like how cute each of them becomes when frustrated

[VS Arashi 10 second challenge of catch tounge]

The instagram accounts is not mine so full credits to its rightful owners
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I've watched the drama Kisarazu Cat's Eye wherein Sakurai Sho, my favorite ARASHI member, was in. And I must truly say that the drama was worth it as I find myself laughing at their epic fails and funny antics

And to see this sure brings back memories (Sho-kun is totally bashful! And Matsujun's smile is lovely)

The instagram is not mine! So credits to its rightful owner.


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