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YATTA! It's the complete set of the ARE YOU HAPPY CONCERT TOUR!
Ohno Satoshi's Sapporo pic
Aiba Masaki's Nagoya pic
Jun Matsumoto's Tokyo pic
Ninomiya Kazunari's Osaka pic
And now! Sakurai Sho's Fukuoka pic

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Once again! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! It's the start of a new year and also red month! there's 24 days before his bday and not only that but also my Oka-chan's bday, [livejournal.com profile] matsupie. We're doing a small celebration with our group in FB in which we have to answer certain questions about Sho-chan! hehe!

THe scavenger hunt on Aiba-chan's month was so much fun and now red month is doing another quiz! I'm so excited for it especially since it's my itchiban's bday! yay! I was also given a task to edit our FB groups banner!

The banner is this one!

Hopefully! I can edit Sho-chan's pic before his actual bday! :D
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Title: An Image to Develop
Rating: PG(?)
Pairs: None
Previous Chapters:
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Chapter V
Erica was waiting for Aiba to finish changing since she didn’t like the formal wear kind of photoshoot, she opted for a more casual one. Right now, she’s looking at Aiba’s photo portfolio and was rather impressed to see all kinds of him in front of the lenses. There’s a happy type, serious type, cute type, sexy type and a lot more.

If she didn’t know better, she wouldn’t believe it since the actual person is more of the natural type of guy and yet the lenses shows all different sides of him and the camera does not lie especially when it’s properly taken. Erica was so immersed in checking at Aiba’s portfolio when Jun arrived at the site.

Everyone greeted Jun as he greeted all of them back, he was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with Boston print in front, casual denim jeans and Green moss caterpillar boots.

And for some reason,  the person who prepared his wardrobe had told Jun that a newbie photographer will be handling they photoshoot when in fact it should be a professional seeing as , it's Miyagawa. Which is why out of curiosity, he went out of his way to check it out.                 

The place where the photoshoot is being held looks deserted.Only a few staff was present , Miyagawa-san and Erica.

Jun took a double look to actually confirmed what she saw and there Erica was already talking to a staff about something.
The first time she saw her, he has to admit that the girl was quite stubborn and mysterious but now, the one that he's seeing is a photographer.Jun watched Erica from a distance as she  keeps on conversing to one of the staff for her ideal photoshoot.

Erica was in need of a backdraft of a house, a tiny living room to be exact. The one she was talking to had agreed to her terms earlier and are now asking her for more details that should be added to it.

She wanted the shoot to be homey and natural in order to fully capture the image that she has of Aiba.

The staff arranged the set that Erica wanted while she left them to do their work, she's about to look for Miyagawa-san for his approval of her theme when her eyes caught hold Jun's casual style.

Jun was leaning at the wall while watching Erica when he was caught but instead of pretending, he stared back at her only to be surprised to see her smile.

He was about to open his mouth to say something towards her way when someone loudly came to the set.

"Erica-chan! How's this?" Aiba, excitedly, entered the room, grabbing everyone's attention.

"You don't have to yell, baka" Erica playfully said as she checks him from head to toe.

Aiba was wearing a pinkish woolen sweatshirt without a hood and underneath it is a collared checkered long sleeve shirt, black slacks, black socks and black leather shoes.

Seeing his outfit, Erica turned her attention towards Jun only to find it quite similar to the casual feel that Aiba was emitting.

Pleased with her idea, Erica walk towards Jun and said "You'll be my second model" and turned her head towards Aiba "And you'll work together"

Surprised to what Erica just said, Jun was about to protest knowing that they should be doing the shoot with Miyagawa-san but Erica hush him and answered his silent protest.

"I'm in charge of three people among the five of you and it so happens that you two" Erica pointed at Jun and then Aiba "are giving my idea to life"

"What kind of photoshoot are we going to do?" Jun's curiosity was piqued by what Erica said but instead of her answering, Aiba was the one who did.

"Woah! The set looks so homey!" Aiba was cheerfully inspecting the masterpiece that the staff had work on to create.

The photo set was arranged in the style of a japanese home, complete with a small rectangular table and a soft pillow to match.

The door and windows were made with wood and glass giving the viewers an artificial garden like view. Match it up with the light effects to give it a sunny feeling.

Jun observe the spectacular set while Aiba was already inside the set checking everything out.

Erica thank all the staff before smiling so happily and went to look for Miyagawa for her theme confirmation and leaving the two for a bit.

Jun walked towards the set to fully scrutinize it and find it amazing to see how detailed it was. Aiba was already feeling at home as he sat near the table and soon after was joined by Jun.

"Wonder what kind of photo shall be develop with this amazing set" Aiba asked like a child who first went to a theme park.

"It does make one wonder" Jun agreed as he settled himself in their so called photo set.

The two spent their leisure time relaxing in their photo set that even the staff finds it cute to see how they naturally blends in.

And when the other members walk in, they were more than surprise to see the two chilling as if they're at home.

"What are you doing?" Sho asked the two once he was near enough for them to hear him without shouting.

"As you can see, they're relaxing"  was Nino's remark but Sho ignored him and waited for the answer of the two.

"We're waiting for Erica-chan" Aiba exclaimed. Holding down the book that he took from the small table before.

“Why are you wearing comfy clothes while we don’t?” Ohno complained.

“The moment you said something and it turns out to be a complaint” Nino pointed out.

“Ask her” was Jun’s only answer as he sat himself up from his lying position earlier.

With that said, everyone turned their attention towards Erica, who was walking towards their way together with Miyagawa.

“Konbanwa Minna” Miyagawa greeted in which the members greeted back.

“You might already know that some of you will be handled by Erica and it seems that she already choose Jun and Aiba” hearing their name, they both nodded. “And you’ve chosen a theme that is different from the one I’ve decided?” Miyagawa raised an eyebrow in
question towards Erica.

Erice smiled before nodding, pleased with the idea of taking a homey and casual picture of the two in the set that the staff created.

Miyagawa sighed in defeat knowing that even if he argued, Erica will never abide by his rules. He observed the set where the two guys are leisurely taking their break.

The image the Erica wanted to have is quite simple yet on its own way has an appeal unlike the image that he have with the formal wear.

“You’re intrigued” Erica simply stated, getting the attention of her sensei “give me this chance and if it didn’t work, I’ll gladly take you offer to do the theme that you like” Erica confidently said the promise that she knew that she hate.

But Erica knows that the image in her mind was correct and she wants to take hed camera and take the shot especially since her two models are way too relax in the set making it more appealable.

“Fine” Miyagawa agreed “but, you still need on-” before he can complete his sentence Erica cut her off.

“I only need those two for now which is why” Erica turned her attention towards the three and apologetically bowed “gomen, but the image I have is already complete with just them” and she looked towards the two with a smile.

The guys were awestruck by how genuine the smile that Erica showed for a minute before walking away to get her camera, preparing for the shoot.

“Never knew she could smile like that” Miyagawa unconsciously spoke “And to think she’s going to take your photos” he turned his attention towards the guys, who was still staring at Erica.

“Anyway, you three will be my models and later on the 5 of you” Miyagawa explained and then he face Jun and Aiba “Enjoy it and relax, she may look so carefree but she knows what she’s doing”Jun and Aiba smiled at him and told him that they understand.

Miyagawa turned his back on them and walked towards where his photo set was. The other members was about to follow him when they decided to tease the two for a bit

“Jun-kun, tell us if Aibachi makes a mistake” he gave jun a wink and all of them laughed when Aiba suddenly shouted ‘hey’.

“Tell us how it went later” Sho said in which Ohno and Nino both nodded in agreement before walking towards the other set leaving the two.

“Why do you guys always expect something to happen when it comes to me?” Aiba frustratingly ask Jun.

“That’s because it does” was Jun’s short reply.

“That makes me curious” Erica said when she heard the conversation between the two.

“That’s because it does” Was Jun’s only reply.

“I wonder what that something might pertains to” Erica voice in as she neared the two.

“You heard that?” Aiba asked

“It's hard not to epecially when you guys were being loud” She explained before she took a test shot of the two standing side by side.

“Hey! Stop with the stolen pictures” Aiba exclaimed but Erica ignored her and check the shot.

“It's good enough” Jun complemented making Erica jump in surprise seeing as he was already beside her checking the photo she took.

“Don’t do that” Erica hissed

“Do what?” Jun questioned

“Whatever” Erica brushed it off before telling them to get comfy on the set.Aiba and Jun obliged but a second later was confused as to what kind of position should they do.

The two of them stared at one another and back to Erica, who was givinginstructions to the staff.

“What position are we supposed to take?” Jun asked, confused as to what they need to do.

“I’m not sure, she only said to get comfy but how?” Aiba raised another question.

Seeing them like a lost child, Erica stifled a laugh and walk towards them.“If you, guys, kept standing up and were to tell me that you’re more comfortable that way then we can start” Erica touch their shoulder before talking to the guys.

The friendly gesture of Erica was another unexpected side of her and she knows that but just by being with these guys, she can’t help but be natural.

“By being comfortable, do you mean we can do any position?” Jun asked looking at the girl in between them.

“Yup!” Erica popped the letter ‘p’ playfully.

“He~ then I got dibs on the small table” Aiba raised his hand in the air while saying the words.

Erica chuckled and left those two to get ready for her photoshoot and unbeknown to her, she was being observed by Jun.

The staff that Erica was talking to earlier neared the set where Jun and Aiba was and placed some coffee and snacks in the table
before excusing herself.

Erica thank the staff again for doing her request.With a camera on hand, she was ready to take the image in her head perfectly.

“You can use whatever you want and in there and just feel at home” she instructed the two.

Aiba and Jun once again shared a look, Aiba smiled while Jun just shrugged.

Jun grab the book that Aiba was checking out earlier only to see that it was a shounen jump manga even though the cover doesn’t say so.

“They really did a good job at it right?” Erica, amusingly said.

“Yea! The set is amazingly prepared even though it was only for a short time” Aiba agreed. Bending his body downward and outstretch his legs as his arms supports his upper body.

“And you guys often get to encounter this kind of set?” Jun sat upright, eyes on Erica, who was standing idly in front.

“We do although filming outside the set is more comfortable” Jun answered

“Is that because of the girls screaming or the mob of girls that likes you?” Erica, sarcastically, asked

Aiba laughed at what Erica said, taking her by surprise “Sho-chan might answer that one as a yes but nah! It’s not really like that”

“Really? Because from what I know, most idols yearn for that” Erica pointed out.

“Being outside makes us normal even if we’re filming” Jun answered before pouring himself some coffee.

“That’s quite unexpected” Erica blurted out.

By now Aiba was already holding the covered shounen jump manga on his right as he comfortably sat himself to read it while Jun reach the comfy blanket to cover his lap, gave Aiba a cup of tea, and relaxingly drink his tea.

The naturalness and comfortable atmosphere that the two emits made Erica take the shot.

A flash of the lights made the two look at Erica who was delighted by what she took.

“Should we take that as a sign that you’ve found the first picture?” Jun asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Hai!” Erica happily replied. Her response made the two chuckle. Before the shoot was continued.

The three talked some more before Erica was satisfied with all the shots that she had taken before wrapping things up.

“Honto ni arigatõ!” Erica thank Aiba and Jun for the successful shoot that they did. She’s fully confident that the picture turned out perfectly well.

“Thanks for the hard work” Aiba and Jun said to all the staff and to Erica

Erica learned a lot about those two over just a span of 1-2 hours of the photoshoot. And it was also the same for the boys.

On that day, the three thought that people are just plainly mysterious.

A staff brought a flower to Erica which she thankfully grab after thanking the staff.She turned her body towards the two “Thank you for the hard work” handling them the bouquet.The two smiled at her before saying thanks to her.

At that moment, the other members already arrived at the set, finished with their respective photoshoot. Leaving the group photo unaccomplished

“Yo, did something good happened?” Nino shouted towards the three.

“Minna! As you can see nothing happened” Was Aiba’s reply but because of him raising his hand to greet the other members, Erica got off balance on the edge of the photo set.

Instinctively, Erica grab Jun, who was near her at the moment, for support catching him off guard.

“Abunai!” everyone shouted but it was too late, Erica and Jun fell on the ground.

The good thing about the fall is that Jun was able to change their position, cushioning Erica from the impact.

But the bad part is what happened next. The members and the staff was frozen in place when they saw the the after effect of what Aiba-chan did.

Erica’s lips was pressed against the side of Jun’s lips in an accidental kiss.


Next Chapter: Coming Soon...

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Can't believe that Arashi has already reached their 17th anniversary without anyone falling behind. They are truly a a bunch of guys who create miracles and a buch of adults who still acts as kids.

If it weren't for theses unique guys, i wouldn't have entered the fandom world of Arashi. And without them, i wouldn't have strive my hardest because they're my inspiration to be able to reach my goals.

Truly i can't ask for more but for them to still continue to inspire us with their never ending works.


Oct. 18th, 2016 10:16 pm
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Arashi had been very busy. Releasing an album, upcoming concerts, various magazine interview, new drama, shoot for their bangumi. Just wow! Really, I can't help but be amazed by how can they keep up with all of that. Us, fans, are truly grateful!

Sakurai Sho's Newy Year Drama Special

Ohno Satoshi's New Drama

New Album Release in 10/26


Ohmiya Halloween Special (magazine)
VS Arashi 11/03 rheir 300th oponent

Zeus III
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Omg! The new album cd cover is truly amazing! Kyaa!!! Sakumoto love is even there! Omg! Can't wait to hear the album!!!!
Credits to weibo

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It's been such a long time since Sho-chan entered the world of news casting, a dream that he always wanted and now he already fulfilled. He's hardwork really paid off, seeing as a lot of people both appreciate and love him. Zero has truly became a part of the person that we all come to know as SAKURAI SHO
#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

[NEWS ZERO 10/3] "10 years ago, not even knowing the right or left, I stepped into the news-casting world. With the audiences and interviewees who have given me the opportunities to grow, I've somehow made it for 10 years." "I've been introduced as "the representative of the younger generation", but from now on, I hope to reach more generations with my coverage." - Sakurai Sho #ZERO10thAnniv #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Even the members acknowledges him as a newscaster.

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

And most of all even he himself knows it (^_^)
#Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

And even his newscasting team knows it the most :)
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Hmm.. I can't remember the last time i woke up early for no reason at all :). It kind of feels new but refreshing!

And to be greeted by arashi pics is truly marvelous indeed! I have to thank my fellow arashian for it :)

For this day, i wonder what could be the things that can make me happy.

After all arashi did ask us if we are happy :)

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The first time I heard the song Power of the Paradise, I loved it. It has the cheerfulness and encouragement that you can both get from the message of the song and the melody of it. And when I heard Hana from their single, I deeply fell. Overtime, Arashi's songs became more purer and meaningful. Maybe it's because of their hard work for all theses years or maybe it's because of their love to their fans. Either way, i really like them.

Their Music Video for power of the Paradise was quite simple compared to the ones they had before and I wonder why but the effort they put in it together with their staff is appreciated. (^_^)!

I can't wait for their upcoming album.

Here are collages of their official pictures from their single.

Power of the Paradise official pictures

Power of the Paradise official pictures #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也


Ohno Satoshi's official single photo of Power of the Paradise

Ohno Satoshi's official single photo of Power of the Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Sakurai Sho's official single photo of Power of the Paradise

Sakurai Sho's official single photo of Power of the Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Aiba Masaki's official single photos for Power of the Paradise

Aiba Masaki's official single photos for Power of the Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Ninomiya Kazunari's official Single photo of Power of Paradise

Ninomiya Kazunari's official Single photo of Power of Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也

Matsumoto Jun's official single photos of Power of the Paradise

Matsumoto Jun's official single photos of Power of the Paradise #Arashi #SakuraiSho #ShoSakurai #OhnoSatoshi #SatoshiOhno #MatsumotoJun #JunMatsumoto #MatsuJun #NinomiyaKazunari #KazunariNinomiya #AibaMasaki #MasakiAiba #cool #hot #sexy #idol #singer #model #artist #actor #dancer #host #Jpop #kawaii #嵐 #松本潤 #大野智 #櫻井翔 #相葉雅紀 #二宮和也
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I've recently notice that Arashi tends to swapped their mic with one another, namely Sho, Nino and Ohno. it often happens all throughout their concerts but in japonism you'll clearly see that Nino and Ohno exchange theirs after they're nearly finished with their MC.

I often wonder as why is that? hmmm.. it's really mind boggling for me but oh well :).

As you can see in the picture, they're holding their mics with their distinguished colors

After that ohno and nino exchange theirs (^_^)

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Things have been quite a mess but I'm still in love with Arashi.

Speaking of them, I've joined quite a lot of community to be able to view their videos! Yay! Thank you for all of your hard work! It seems that once I've gotten the chance I'll be writing quite a lot of reviews from everything that I've watch!

I can't wait for it to happen since I want a lot of people to be able to fancy them as I do too.

See! All of them is just.. Kya!!!! Hehe.


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